Capability claim | Automobile visor assembly detection

日期: 2024-04-30

Car visor is installed in the driver and co-driver head above, used to prevent the glare of the sun board, when used can be turned down when not used can be turned up and down, left and right。With the continuous improvement of customer requirements for sunshades, materials: plastic, EPP, PU foam, cardboard, etc., multi-functional sunshades, with lights, with mirrors。Traditional car sunshades, although they can block the sun, occupy most of the driver's field of view and have been unable to meet the needs of customers。With the development of science and technology, there has been a car LCD sunshade, which can block the sunlight, but also can not block the line of sight。

Test introduction

Environmental reliability test

The product is exposed to natural or artificial environmental conditions to withstand its effect, to evaluate the performance of the product in the actual use, transportation and storage of environmental conditions, and analyze the impact of environmental factors, including environmental tests such as high and low temperature, hot and cold cycling, thermal aging, low temperature impact, light aging, etc.;

Functional reliability test

Test the strength and rigidity, operating function characteristics and durability, vibration test of the product during use, such as sunshade operating performance, sunshade turnover durability, vibration durability, vibration noise, etc.;

Material chemical test

Check the chemical properties of the material, such as material dispersion, peel strength, bending strength, wear/scratch resistance, water resistance, microbial resistance, combustion resistance, chemical resistance, prohibited substances, etc。

Test capability list

Applicable standard

European and American standards:

Ceiling/visor GMW14189, etc

National Standard/Industry standard:

Sun visor QC/T 629-2005

Japanese and Korean standards:

Sunshade 8460Z TX6 0000, 8323Z-TR0-A001, 96400NDS00 [23], etc

Common domestic Oems standards:

Visor QJLY J711010-2008, QJLY J7110843B-2016, Volvo 31839918, QZB03.8201A, Q/BYDQ-A1901.402.2, CVTC 34021-2013, EQCS-1322-2019, GMW17250, etc

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